Awareness Of The Coming Disaster Is Indispensable

Disasters always come up with the unexpected. Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and other disasters, causing many casualties. Disaster never chose a victim, the poor, the rich, the honorable or community leaders. An earthquake with great force can tear down buildings, mansions or luxury hotels. Flooded can sweep anything fed by the flood path. Fire can burn anything that we have, valuables we’ve collected for years or even loved ones.

Therefore, the preparation needed to face the impending disaster is very important. Medical supplies for first aid so that if there arexternal-escape-ladderse events which cause injuries can be helped early, especially during the rainy season. For example, the gauze so that the wound is not exposed to outside air, painkillers, antibiotics to anticipate fever or symptoms of advanced wounds, rock candy or sweet candy, Odin to control the growth of bacteria in wounds, tweezers or cotton to media drug delivery liquid and so forth.

And no less important is the supply of equipment for casualty evacuation so that it can greatly reduce the amount, because it was able to evacuate the beginning of a disaster. Standard evacuation procedure will not be done if there is no evacuation standard equipment. Had disastrous fires in buildings, and the fire is on the ground floor, what happens if there is no evacuation equipment, such as ladders. Evacuation of casualties who was in the upper floors will be very difficult. Requires a very long time to make and prepare a replacement ladder. This would make a casualty may panic or even death if to suck the excess CO2. So the importance of an evacuation ladder for fire escape will be very important.

Fire escape ladder for fire disaster evacuation of many kinds: portable escape ladders, Fitted Escape Ladders, External Escape Ladders, Balcony Escape Ladders. Each type was adapted to the uses and locations ladder mounted. If the fire escape via the balcony, then the existing emergency staircase or mounted named Balcony Escape Ladder.

So has the ladder as a preparation in each house to anticipate disasters, is an awareness of the disaster at any time there.