4 Essential Steps to Writing Content for Your Business Website

Ask any business content writer who specializes in web content creation about what determines a website’s success and he’ll tell you that design first, followed by usability, are the two main pivots on which this success rests. The content is an inextricable part of the design and actually makes or breaks a website. The business content writers job, therefore, becomes all the more important as the words he writes for the website will eventually inspire potential customers to buy its services or products. Without it, there shall be no visitors, no traffic and no sales.


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This is exactly why business content writing jobs that involve creating website copy should base themselves on the following four essential steps:

  1. Your Goals Come First

Business content writers entrusted with web content creation have to know first why the website is being created. The reasons may be many: To let people know about the business so they may come looking for its specific products and services; sale of services online; or even promoting a certain part or aspect of a business. Your content when you create it as a business content writer, thus will differ in terms of both addressability and structure. So if your goals are clearly established before the writing starts, all that is needed is filling up the blanks.

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2. Keep Your Audience In Mind Perpetually

All business content writing jobs, irrespective of whether they are web specific or not have to determine their target audience first. This is absolutely imperative because it is only when the audience is clearly defined that you will create target-oriented copy to promote your services and products better. Writing without a specific audience in mind is like flying a fighter jet without a trained pilot. Once you audience is identified, your content would also be created to accordingly match its expectations. However, a balance is needed whereby higher audiences can be reached while also catering to the needs of a niche audience.

3. Structured information is the Key to Masterful Website Content

Those business content writers who record the maximum amount of success start with an outline of their work by way of the site map. This is essentially an initial visualization of things to come, particularly the business specifics. For instance, the home page would include the basic essentials about the organization, followed by specific pages that would have all the relevant information about the business’ most important deliverables. One page may be dedicated to key officials, portfolio of work with each page having drop downs in numerous sub- categories that reflect various relevant aspects such as events and contact us.

 4. Writing the Copy

The three golden rules of a business content writers job is to stick to optimized content, outright professionalism and succinctness. The text must be easily indexed by any search engine and must be devoid of being overstuffed with keywords. The latest algorithms for search engines don’t exactly favor too many links and over optimization either. …