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We have seen for the past years a big increase in interest and purchase of buying properties abroad. It has been observed that there has been a significant increase in the value of real estate abroad coupled with the lowering of airline ticket costs. Because of these factors, several families are having opportunities to investment real estate properties abroad. People realized that real estate is a solid investment and that you could grow your money in this type of investment after some time.

Considered as one of the most important factors when purchasing property overseas is the location. Europe and the Americas have been a major real estate destination but there are other places too that have similar value and can offer you other business opportunities. Among these potential areas is an island territory of the United States which is Guam, now undergoing a tremendous increase in real estate and economic developments with strong tourism industry and military expansion as its driving forces.

With only seven hours away from Hawaii and around four hours away from Japan and other Asian countries, Guam is considered as the starting point of an American day. With these conditions, Guam enjoys the all-American privileges aside from its international appeal from Asian and local cultures. The US mainland may be now experiencing some decline in economy and mortgage concerns, Guam on the other hand is facing a strong real estate industry due to the military relocation and construction that is expected to bring in an expenditures of around $15 billion. Many real estate investors are therefore eyeing for Guam’s expected growth and are looking for extra profits by investing in real estate in this area.
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Guam’s geographic location is making it ideal for overseas residential location for families and possible business ventures for both American and Asian investors. With modern routes directly connected to main roads, ferry ports, stations and international airport, this territory is highly accessible. The technology, telecommunications and overall industry in Guam are adherent to US standards, thus the business climate in this place is very competitive and can fulfil various range of expectations from several industries. You are assured of a holiday or some profits if you invest in a Guam home for sale.
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Rental properties in Guam is considered a hot activity nowadays in this area that driven by the growing number of tourists who enjoy the sand, sea and culture. You are assured of earning profits in owning a rental home in Guam because the rental income tax in this territory is very low and the tenancy laws are very lenient for landowners.