Business Drivers Automotive IndustryW3C very first explored the effect of the Open Web Platform on the automotive business at the November 2012 Net and Automotive Workshop Participants discussed how location-based services, enhanced safety, entertainment, and integration of social networking will benefit drivers and passengers. Discusses hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, and advantages of hydrogen fuel cell systems Implications of hydrogen fuel cells for personal transportation and for the automotive business small business model and discusses the new GM Autonomy design notion, and explains how the vehicle operates working with fuel cell and other sophisticated technologies.

Nowadays, the modern international automotive market operates in a worldwide competitive marketplace. Recently, a wave of technology and brand-driven M&A could be observed with emerging Chinese and Indian players acquiring Western OEMs and brands, such as Tata with JLR, or Geely with Volvo. Automotive manufacturers are increasingly taking into consideration the integration of info technologies and external services in their automobiles.

This Indian automotive manufacturer wanted to monitor and measure social media sentiment about a new auto model so that it could enhance its advertising and marketing effectiveness. In 2014, Harvard Company Critique noted that 36 per cent of the topmost US executive tier had MBAs from a leading 20” school. There are 401 firms in South Carolina that generate automotive parts, according to the S.C. Department of Commerce.

India, 1 of the fastest growing automotive markets in the globe, is also emerging as a international sourcing hub for the automotive market. Way back in 2000, a third of all Americans1 told us that they would be interested in a vehicle that drives for you when you do not feel like driving — clearly an early, weak signal that this type of technologies was at least intriguing to buyers. In order to muscle the required investments the auto organization will see a series of alliances and mergers more than the next years.

Our automotive industry research experts deliver wise insights across all places: From optimizing new ideas and product design and style (for example via car or truck clinics), identifying precise actions to improve auto brand perception or experiences, to tracking automotive aftersales. The reputation of the entire automotive market was broken by the scandal late last year over Volkswagen’s rigging of diesel emissions test results.